Saturday, December 15, 2012

and the day passed by...

I cannot believe that the day has gone by, and I have accomplished little more than searching the internet.  Nothing important, mind you.  Just slogging around looking at this and that, listening to new music, checking email.  Part of me says, "who cares?"  But the rest of me says, " Four hours wasted!!"

Now that it is dark, and none of my chores are done, I guess I will wait another day to be productive.  Meahwhile, my book is whispering my name.... and I must answer the call.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the decorations

Ahh, tis the season to enjoy all those holiday things...  I am actually a bah humbug kind of gal.  I buy gifts for people I love, and I bake a few cookies, but I really don't get into "it." 

However, I am a sucker for the light displays that people create at their houses.  I can't help but drive slowly by, and admire the colors and the twinkles.  Know that I would never create such a glorious display at my own home.  I see it as being way too much work setting everything up, but the worse would be taking it all down!! 

Kudos to those dedicated folks who give me joy every time I see their lights.  I appreciate all of them, from the humble, to the quirky to the extreme.  Thanks for giving me more joy than you know.  And Merry Christmas to you!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

No room for complacency

It is appalling to me that all these conservative men are spouting off about women's health. 

Rape is just one of the variety of ways to conceive?  A pregnancy caused rape is God's plan? 

Perhaps I am in a time warp, and it is really 1950.  Or perhaps, those men are truly from Mars, or I am truly from Venus.  What other explanation can make sense of these absurd statements?

In their private life, I care not what these far-right conservatives believe.  But these are men who are seeking public office, and are promising to "legislate" their private beliefs.  Without resistance from those who disagree with them, these men seek to impose their personal (and likely their religious) views on everyone.

I hope that women are paying attention, and will make their voices heard in the voting booth.  There is much to lose if we are complacent.  


what is with me?

I have the hardest time making up my mind sometimes.  It is stupid stuff, like sorting my mail.  Keep or throw?  Too often I keep stuff that my more tidy friends would throw away without a second thought.   

The universe has poked me to reduce my clutter.  So, I started my project yesterday, and I have had constant thoughts about why I tend to postpone deciding what to do with certain things.  I am finding that sometimes I am just too darn lazy to deal with "it."  I would rather do "it" later.  Or, maybe I should think about "it" awhile before I know what to do with "it."  So, while I am waiting to make my decisions, I save up little stacks of this and that.  After my little stack has "aged" for awhile, I have no problem tossing the junk into the recycling bag. 

Oh, for Pete's sake!!

So it boils down to the fact that I am a "ponderer."  OK.  It seems that is my nature.  My task then, is to learn how to ponder faster!

And now on to my collection of crossword puzzles from the Sunday paper....

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have conquered the tomatoes, grapes, basil, pears and parsley.  Now it is on to the beets.  And juicy, redness everywhere in my kitchen.  I find little red speckles in the most amazing places after I cook them!

Beets have such a sweetness on the tongue, and when combined with salt and pepper, they are amazing.  Cooking them makes my house smell like the earth.  Handling them makes me startled with just how red they are!  Even diluted, beet juice is so red that I find myself playing with it like a kid in science lab. 

Other than hauling the old vines away to the compost pile, the garden is done for the season.  I have once again grown a stellar crop of pig weed, quack grass, thistle and creeping charlie, in addition to some tasty vegetables.  I can only try to imagine how if feels to be a farmer who grows food on a large scale...bins and truckloads full of goodness.  My suggestion of the day:  kiss a farmer and say thanks for all the food we take for granted will always be there for us.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

tis the season

I have tomatoes coming out of my ears!  And peppers!  And grapes!

I am so appreciative of the bounty of my garden, and my daughter's grape vines.  I love that the goodness of these things can be preserved and enjoyed months from now.  But it is overwhelming!  I have jars and lids and pots and tomatoes everywhere, all demanding attention right now!  Did I mention the parsley and basil that need to be made into pesto? 

I always complain that it is too much work and too much pressure all at once, but I really like it.  Mess and commotion and bounty.  Thank you, mother earth, for all the goodness.

Friday, September 14, 2012


It scares me that the collective "we" are acting more like savages than rational humans.  Rudeness abounds everywhere, from road rage, to politicians who lie about almost everything, to reality shows that reward cheating and scheming.  People are carrying hand guns everywhere claiming their need to defend themselves.  Murder and sexual crimes are glorified in multitudes of TV shows.  Bullying and fighting are pervasive.  And on and on and on.

Where are we headed?  What does all this look like to our nation's children?  I am alarmed and saddened that our world is becoming more unsafe every day.

As I read my words, I sound like an alarmist, and a pessimist.  But am I?  My 9 year old granddaughter stayed with me a few nights, and she came out of her room crying, worried about someone coming in the window to hurt her.  She has experienced nothing in her life to cause her to be afraid of such a thing.  It seems that all of us are becoming more afraid, perhaps of some unknown, unnamed boogie man. 

Where are we headed?  And how can we stop the fallout of living in such an unsettled world?